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Jan Helsen Natuurfotgraaf Macrofotografie

Born and raised in the suburban north of Antwerp, undisturbed pieces of nature were hard to find. Still, my father knew where to look. He often took my brothers and me to specific places near the harbour where we could watch a variety of different bird species. Although my father was not able to distinguish a herring gull from a glaucous gull, it was there, at the harbour, where my love for nature flourished. Nevertheless, it took me a while to discover my true interest. It was only at age eighteen, during an expedition in Alaska, that I got engaged in the excitement of capturing nature’s wonders on camera. Nowadays, I can’t imagine a day to pass by without a peek through the lens. Photography has essentially become a form of therapy for me. Waiting for hours for the ‘perfect shot’, while submerged in the tranquillity of the outdoors, brings along a particular sense of peacefulness, which is difficult to find elsewhere.


While I mostly enjoy making photographs of birds and mammals, I don’t back away from capturing pictures of reptiles, amphibians, and all kinds of invertebrate life.


In 2005, I made the transition from film to digital photography, and now exclusively shoot with Canon. Overall, I make most use of my Canon 800 mm f5.6 lens, Canon 100-400 mm f5.6, and Canon 180 mm f3.5. 

I am member of three Belgian Photography Societies: NIB, BVNF , FFFS.

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